Beautiful photography can trigger beautiful memories!

Photography can lower anxiety, improve cognitive performance & emotional wellness.

It can keep our brain in good shape.

Art therapy is making a colorful connection with Mother Nature.

Love Yourself. Intention is a great brain exercise.

Melatonin works best when our eyes are exposed to natural sunlight, and our minds are exposed to beauty instead of stress.

“Sometimes our head makes cloudy what our heart makes clear!” Don Henley



It’s not just about the journey we take in life… it’s about the lessons we discover, learn from, and take with us. If one was to change history to suit their needs- there would be more lessons unlearned.

The earth has the ability to clear out the old and bring in the new, with hurricanes, floods, and fires. Our body has an innate ability to heal, renew, and regrow cells, and eliminate toxins. But, first, we must get shaken to our core.

“The Purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

Be Well.Turn off negative self-talk. Place your back against the wind & find a new direction.

Our brain is about 80% water, making water the number one influencer on how we recover after work or exercise..

Some days we just need to ruffle our feathers.
The Language Of Color

Enjoy the outdoors where you’ll find an array of colors from Mother Nature. Colors help reduce anxiety and fear, and also help improve brain-power.

Be Free


Learn to be fearless. Find your wings & fly.
Carry with you a good amount of determination. Find the things you love to do, and just do them!

✺Exercise your joy!

Meditative Moments

Clear Blocked Energy Flow.

As humans, we don’t just interact with the physical world; we interact on a level of pure energy. The energy world and all its connections are in, on, and around us.

What you see and do today is a memory tomorrow. Feed your brain great memories!
Sunshine nourishes our psyche and fights cognitive decline.
Take a second to breathe. When you realize you are valuable-it can change a life.
Fear robs us of oxygen. Don’t let the clouds fill your day with fear. See right though them.