Body Weight Has An Alarming Impact On Brain Function & Memory

Obesity is a 147 billion dollar business, compromising mind, body health, most times with minimal success rates. Poor success rates from weight loss efforts are because fat cells have a mind of their own. Adipose tissue is now known to act as an endocrine organ. This tissue stores toxins, and so with obesity, we gain more toxins each year we are fat.
Weight loss efforts can be more about toxic exposures, than counting calories. Many of the chemicals in processed foods didn’t exist 50 years ago. Not only have many of these chemicals created mental addictions, our 50+ trillion cells, don’t recognize them, and have no idea how to process them.

Obesity is a thinking disorder, and not just an eating disorder.

Obesity in childhood can cause lasting arterial damage which could potentially lead to life threatening illnesses. We are all made from electromagnetic frequencies. It’s the core of who we are. Our mind affects our body and has the ability to heal it. ‘Negative Nellie’s’ could be holding us back making us doubt our abilities! So the question is: If we listen to discouraging remarks all day in our head, who’s in charge? If our mind influences our metabolic system what information do we feed our minds? An interesting truth is: trash in your head makes no room for learning, changing habits, enjoying life, or breaking addictions. In other words, issues with over processing thoughts, (such as OCD, and ADD) are intimately related to obesity.
If it were a perfect world, in order to change the way we feel, we can change the way we think and talk. Taking a moment to think, or best yet, meditate, we may find words to put challenges in perspective.
As a nation, we’ve been fed misinformation over and over again, forcing us to become compliant and disempowered about the real causes of obesity, weight gain, autoimmunity disorders, depression, and more. For years, we have been fed designer chemicals in our foods, air, and water, that cause adverse changes in our mind and body, without us knowing.
We’ve been lied to and told there is no WHY for cancer, or better yet, we’ve been told if obesity, Alzheimer’s, or arthritis- run in the family-it must be genetic. AND, YOU CAN’T CHANGE GENETICS.

 What if I told you- your DNA can be modified by your environment, and you have possibly already made changes in your genetics because of environmental changes.

 “Epigenetic research shows we have a greater potential to affect who we are, how we are, and even what we are. The phrase ‘it’s genetic’ no longer means something is determined by forces beyond our control. In fact, epigenetics suggests that what happens in our body and what we pass on to our children could very much be a result of exposures.” It’s critical to think about exposures. Think for one minute what the brain looks like before obesity sets in (before toxins set in). We may be able to think clearer, fell more energetic, have better test scores, intelligent conversations and excellent decision making skills.. When one suffers with obesity, we can see symptoms of brain atrophy.

What else is in our head?

Addictions to alcohol and sugar shock our brain, decreasing its capabilities and size. Does size matter? Yes! It’s difficult to follow a plan for health with a brain that’s impaired! Moreover, statistics say by 2030, one billion people will be obese creating more aches and pain. Pain can harm the brain. To heal we must decrease the assault.

Toxic ingredients destroy the mind/body environment

To get to the heart of unwanted weight gain, there is a need to investigate the obesogenic environments! To strengthen this argument, The environmental obesogen hypothesis postulates chemical pollutants are able to promote obesity by altering homeostatic metabolic set-points. These disrupt appetite control.” What this implies is man-made obesogenic pollutants pose a threat to human health and the obesity epidemic.

Toxins are psychologically and physically draining. (1)

Facts are: We use chemicals in our homes that promote the illusions of clean, when in reality these are causal in obesity and depressive thoughts. We witnessed disrupted cholesterol levels in brains from statin medications, disrupted mineral and vitamins absorption from antidepressants, mood disorders from poor food choices, hormonal imbalances from endocrine disruptors, and blood sugar disorders from addictions to sugar.

To be well, we also need to address exposures to mold and avoid chemicals.

*Mold can be found on roasted and salted peanuts, wheat products, cheese, refined sugar, teas, coffee, tobacco, beer, wine, and chocolate.

*Chemicals include but are not limited to glyphosate a herbicide, paint solvents, tar roofs, carpet off-gassing, pesticides, and fragrances. “According to Anne Steinemann, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and public affairs at the University of Washington, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) occurs mainly indoors from the use of common products.” A single fragrance in a perfume or air-freshener can contain a mixture of hundreds of chemicals. The reaction from these toxic scents leaves humans open to a wide range of chemical sensitivities.

The limbic system!

“The limbic system plays a pivotal role in behavior and a structure for controlling emotion. Eating behavior is controlled by neurons in our limbic regions and the cerebral cortex located right under the forehead. Because the Limbic System can suffer from chemical sensitivities, these sensitivities may lead to addictive eating behaviors and weight disorders. Caffeine, for instance, can disrupt our limbic system showing it’s toxic-effects on the hippocampus, a region of the limbic system that has been closely linked to learning, memory, and emotions. 
The most vital component of the limbic system is the hypothalamus, which governs metabolic and digestive activity. The point? Degenerative changes made to the limbic system and the hypothalamus, from ingesting chemicals, can steal our memory and keep us sick, sensitive, lethargic, and fat.

Myths that keep us from making lifesaving changes to our diet.

One: Low-fat foods are healthy options. In reality, they are far from healthy. Low-fat foods such as milk shakes, frozen yogurt, and ice creams can contain a higher chemical and sugar content.

Two: Heavy metals are commonly found in organic foods. Not! Heavy metals can be found in cosmetics, sunscreens, and our water supply.. They harm the brain and can hinder our weight loss efforts. Mercury is found in 30 processed dietetic products from the group of industrial food supplements and food additives. Methylmercury is found in rice products from Asia, causing neurotoxicity.

Three: Only celiacs have gluten-related illnesses. More children have gluten and corn sensitivities, copper deficiencies, and weight issues due to hormones and pesticides that are sprayed on wheat-berries and corn when they are stored in barrels.

Four: Trans-fats are no longer allowed in foods. There’s a loophole where trans-fats can be listed as canola and soy oil instead. There is an emotional side of adulterated food choices. Most seek to solve stress and relationship problems with highly processed foods. Unfortunately, with these fake-foods we see more fatigue, stress and disease. Altered fats bully our brain and gut into an addictive inflammatory state.
Altered fats gives a person the illusion that they are having a tasty relationship with a food, when in reality they are fueling brain atrophy and obesity. Sadly, adulterated foods are considered drugs. Why? Because altered fats can change DNA and alter brain function.

The good news is: Our Brain health can change daily

My passion, as a brain health coach, is to help YOU, the reader, design changes that keep your brain & body happy and healthy. Believing you can take a small step to assist your body to heal is in itself creating a powerful change.

Thank you


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