How To Achieve Peaceful Life

Below are 5 easy steps for living a peaceful life.

Address Your Stress; If we want to achieve balance and peace in our life, we first have to understand the source of our stress. For example, it could be memories from childhood abuse. 

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology:

“A survey of Australian tertiary students found that 1 in four girls and 1 in eleven boys had been the victim of childhood sexual abuse …”(1)

Ignored stressors (traumas) are not only found in our nervous system; they’re in our digestive system, integumentary system, and endocrine system, sometimes manifesting as cancer. Stress takes up residence in our brain, hearts, microbiome, bones and frequently entangles our memories. It’s what keeps us from sleeping, growing, and learning new habits.

Stress keeps the mind and body in constant conflict and affects how we relate to others. Stress squeezes the urethra tube and negatively impacts prostate health. Stress plays a role in neurodegeneration.(2) How we handle emotional health can be a critical factor for improving our chances of peace.

OCD, they say, can be a combination of several stressful disorders keeping you from loving yourself or living in the present moment. OCD involves the need to control others and continued self-sabotaging behaviorscan be difficult to break. For example, do you handle your OCD by living on five or more stimulants a day? Are you an alcoholic, attending AA meetings every afternoon, only to go home to a bottle of wine in the evening? Do you notice your moods are driving people away? Is it hard for you to hear and understand another point of view? 

The bottom line is OCD leaves one longing for peace.

When we are in constant conflict with our thoughts and habits on a daily basis, this conflict can leave negative footprints on the well-being of our minds. As Dr. Amen would say, “living in pain shrinks your brain.”

Address Dehydration;

Forget stimulants and drink water. Water activates healthy neurons and feeds the Central Nervous System. The brain thrives on water. “Our bodies are mostly water, and water is constantly being lost through sweat, alcoholism, stress, and other means.” (3) 

Change Your View;

The mind is a beautiful sphere where it can be influenced, exercised, and educated by what we see, and hear. If we replay fearful memories all our life, we may find it impossible to find peace. How we feel and touch our world impacts everything from our wallets to who we choose to hang with.

*You can create beautiful memories by witnessing the morning sunrise.

How do you break the bonds of the past when your grief is still with you in the present?

*You can take a step to be in the now. Be still, avoid drugs, meditate, and identify the origins of your feelings and your discontent.

Clean The Air You Breathe;

Beautiful aromas excite our senses while toxic scents increase disease, depression, and brain drain. Choose to use organic essential oils to clean the air in your home.

Address Anxiety; Where you place awareness is where energy goes.

a) Understand everything will work its way out!

Recently, I have chosen to be a photographer because I found the process peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. I focus more on the good in this world. 

I believe there are healing powers in colors. Soothing colorful seascapes, for instance, can engage the young and the elderly to reduce stress and anxiety, producing an emotional healing response!

b) Take a step out of the darkness by turning off main street media, and make time for exercise. Exercise feeds the brain. A couch potato is more likely to have low blood flow to the brain and more chances of insomnia while taking a few minutes to walk in the sun can improve memory and sleep.

c) Surround yourself with the music you love, leaving no room for the ‘negative nellies’ in your head. Living a peaceful life is about nurturing our mind, body, and soul!

CRogers author of Memory Stealers

A Certified Brain & Health Coach





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